"Fine Line..." Single is Out NOW!

Greetings Amber Lamps Fans!

We are excited to announce that our latest single, “There’s a Fine Line Between Satire And Hyperbole And We’re Getting Dangerously Close To It” is out NOW! Get it on BandCamp! Just follow the link below!

I promised myself I would never write a 4-chord song... Until now... A true spoof of the genre we know, love, are, and play, "Fine Line," as we often call it, is the most stereotypical, cliched song we could think of.

Originally made mostly for fun, but we have really warmed up to it, and genuinely like it now. This song is certainly a bit of an experiment, but we would never put out a song we didn't think our fans would enjoy listening to.

We truly kept this one in-house: Our first fully self-produced single.
Google "Pop Punk Drinking Game"

released August 16, 2019
Lyrics by Brian Greene
Music by Amber Lamps
Produced and Engineered by Amber Lamps

Amber Lamps:
Brian Greene – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Eddie James – Bass
Jenna Noe - Drums, Vocals

Mixed and Mastered by Eddie James
Recorded @ Twin Dragon Studio, Rochester NY
Artwork by Brian Greene
© 2019 Amber Lamps

all rights reserved